IDV Custom Homes & Contracting Inc.

Provides design expertise to create a home design that will meet the needs of the customer. IDV CUSTOM HOMES & CONTRACTING INC. selection of building materials that are cutting edge technology result in a rapid construction cycle (approximately 4 months) as well as energy efficiency level that are far greater than home that are constructed using conventional build practices (lumber floor joists & lumber framing).

IDV CUSTOM HOMES & CONTRACTING INC. has chosen to specialize in SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels) for the construction of its homes. SIP's offer many advantages for the construction of new homes:

Design Flexibility
•Design flexibility, originality and versatility.
•Better space utilization with higher ceilings and usable loft space.
•Comfortable consistent interior temperatures.
•Easy to incorporate natural lighting through skylights.
•Reduction of outdoor air and noise pollution.

Energy Efficiency
•Lower energy costs due to higher effective thermal resistance and fewer thermal bridges than "stick-frame" construction.
•SIP home is more energy efficient than a conventional home.
•The "closed cavity" design blocks wind and moisture movement which is important for achieving durability and energy efficiency.

Cost Effectiveness
•Reduced maintenance, upkeep and warranty repairs.
•35-40% savings for heating and cooling costs.
•Lower financing costs due to shorter building schedule.
•Increased resale value of your building with EnerGuide ratings.
•Fast reliable delivery, ready to assemble to lock up stages, protecting your investment.
•SIP's eliminates the cost of planning and building with lumber and other conventional building materials.

Engineered Qualities
•Designed for strength, safety and security.
•Quality and durability is built in the prefabricated product.
•EPS insulation R-Value is not subject to thermal drift - i.e., will not decrease over the long term.